psd 21 mf

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  • This psd looks good in light gifs and screencaps.
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GIF PSD - by henderbeats
  • works on interviews only
  • b&w option 
  • contains hue you can remove it if it looks too yellowish

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I just made my first group of gifs lol im a big girl now woot



We’ve noticed a lot of photoshoppers are having troubles with applying actions to gifs. Here’s a tutorial on how to apply actions to gifs. 

A few notes:

  • Be sure your Animation Timeline is always open when making gifs.
  • To convert the layers into a Smart Object, select all of the layers and convert it.
  • Add the psd/texture in the end.
  • You may get actions from us, yeahps, and other blogs.
  • Also, I suggest you use GIF ACTIONS. Not those actions for pictures, because if you use those, the gif won’t move because it was flattened.


3D effect action; mf

you can edit the position of the 3d effect as you will by moving the top layer, please like if downloading


so this is me with my laziness, someone asked me how to do this kind of border but instead of writing the tutorial, I make an action out of it, easier for both of us, really. ok so:

  • it can be used at any size of photo
  • the opacity of the border can be changed as you want
  • use it for anything you want, credit is so unnecessary.


click the picture for best quality

when all else fails and you can’t sleep - make premades

send me requests while i update??

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Well, I saw a tutorial explaining how to do this 3D effect on pictures and even though this effect is easy to do, I decide to make an action to make things more easier. It works on every picture and contains only the 3D effect, then you have to put your own coloring/sharpen and edit as you want. You can’t claim this as yours or repost, however I do not require credit. Feel free to do whatever you want with it / Like this post or reblog if you download (◕‿◕)


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  • (c) @klazzu
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